Aside from eating, breathing, sleeping photography, I also work part time as a healthcare professional in Northampton, UK. I am happily married with two littluns and a whippet called Woody. Northampton is a large market town in the centre of England which historically was the hub of the shoe manufacturing trade in Britain. The Victorian shoe factories and workers housing dominate much of the towns central landscape, now providing a rich source of subject matter for my work. 

I have always had an artistic leaning, but it wasn't until my wife bought me a Panasonic 'point and shoot' as a wedding present in the autumn of 2010 that I truely found my outlet... I was hooked.

Initially I was drawn to the classic street photograpers for inspiration: Cartier-Bresson, Winogrand, Erwitt et al. This ensured a solid foundation was forged within me to appreciate the harmonious balance between composition and content. As my photographic style has crystallised, I hope to chance upon scenes that have the feel of a forgotten stage or film set. As is always the case with photography, the lighting is a key component in achieving this.